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Online and in-person sessions available

Becoming a parent is an enormous change in anyone’s life. New moms face challenges such as sleep deprivation, frustration, a lack of time for themselves, and changes to the parental relationship, as well as confusion of how best to care for their baby. It is also an enormous adjustment for new moms to adapt to changes to their career, day-to-day life, priorities and way of living.

With all this to deal with, it’s no wonder new moms need some space to talk about their experiences. This service provides counselling support through this challenging transition, and provides parents with the time and space to think and talk things through. Moms will also have the chance to create a strong and healthy attachment bond with their babies, and to also learn about their baby’s psychological development and needs, and how these affect the whole family.

What do sessions provide?

  • Individual consultations for mom, or mom and baby
  • Emotional support for moms
  • Help in adjusting to the challenges of parenthood
  • Help in creating a strong mom-baby bond, to promote your baby’s lifelong mental health
  • Input on recognising your baby's unique signals
  • Information about your baby's psychological development
  • Prevention / management of postnatal depression

Expected timeframe: 1 - 6 sessions

Mom & Baby resources for Fairland, Cresta & Northcliff

Althea Sherry, Counselling Psychologist

  • HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) registration number: PS0108596
  • BHF registration number: PR0347949
  • Qualification: MA in Counselling Psychology, Wits


084 728 5444

Practice Locations

  • Fairland (Northcliff area)

  • Johannesburg
    South Africa